WeChat and Orange County Visitors Association Create Unique Partnership


Tencent’s latest venture within the American market is partnering with the Orange County Visitors Association (OCVA) in the state of California. Using WeChat as a significant advertising medium, OCVA will target and attract China’s affluent tourists who are active on the WeChat database. Orange County’s marketing goal is to tell the “OC story” on WeChat within the next couple of months utilizing a brand new website that will specifically speak to the Chinese customers traveling to the Unites States, and to promote the Orange County as one of the top preferred and relatable destinations for visitors coming from China.

Further supporting the WeChat push to gain international popularity, Tencent is on schedule to spend approximately $200 million in marketing expenses for the 2014 year alone. Ambitiously taking on advertising campaigns with multinational brands like McDonald’s, PepsiCo and Burberry, WeChat is destined to make an eventful impact in the United States.