Is that ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ in WeChat’s New Ad?

In WeChat‘s latest marketing extravaganza, a specific YouTube video advertisement uploaded this month pokes fun at the infamous Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. In this short yet hilarious clip, WeChat suggests that a man who looks almost identical to Zuckerberg is having a therapy session while laying on a couch, drowned in depression as he mumbles “I invented the social network, and now my friends, they’re unfriending me.”

Unsurprisingly, the therapist recommends WeChat to ‘Zuckerberg’ and describes the functions that he would be able to utilize, such as the radar function to connect with strangers whom are close by. Since Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp Messsenger, WeChat has been targeting Facebook as a direct competitor and especially here within the United States.

WeChat has also issued a second video installment which follows up on ‘Zuckerberg’ and his lawyers addressing the WeChat therapist.

With 355 million monthly active users for WeChat, the number is steadily growing as it is expected to eclipse the 500 million monthly active users for WhatsApp in the near future.